Top 2014 Window Decor Trends
Sep 25th, 2014 by framecreations

There is no right or wrong when it comes to different ideas on decorating your home. Each year we find that different trends come and different trends go. As each person has a different eye and taste we have found that some trends are preferred more than others. Take a look below at some of the top 2014 looks in window decor! If your interested in getting one of these trends in your home, call us for a FREE in-home consultation!

Fresh Patterns, Clean Lines and Bright Colors

Clean and Bright Bathroom

Clean and Bright Bathroom

Creating a “Natural” Space – Through the use of Wood Blinds, Woven Woods and Natural Shades

trend wood blind

Wood Blinds for a Natural Elegance

Functional yet Chic Shades – Top Down Bottom Up Treatments offer functionality and uniqueness to any window

Top Down - Bottom Up Pleated Shade for fashionable functionality

Top Down – Bottom Up Pleated Shade for functionality

Flexible and Fashionable – Many want a mildew and moisture resistant shade in either a basement or bathroom

Water Resistant Faux Wood Blinds in Bathroom

Water Resistant Faux Wood Blinds in Bathroom

Loving the Layers – A common trend is to layer your window decor with a Panel and  Cellular Shade for additional insulation and light control

A pairing of Roman Shades and side Panels for a window decor combo.

A pairing of Roman Shades and side Panels for a window decor combo.

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Color, color and more color!
Aug 22nd, 2014 by framecreations

The trend today is to use a splash or pop of color as the main focal point of any room. This can be seen anywhere and everywhere from the living room to the bedroom. The use of vibrant colors on the window decor can be the first place to start when decorating or bringing life to a room. The bright and fun color pop can set the mood for the rest of the rooms decor and feel. We offer a wide variety of different colorful patterns, textures and window treatments styles. Whether you are looking for a solid color or a bold pattern, we have it all! Let us at FRAME Creations help you bring a POP of color to your home!

Orange pop of color!

Orange pop of color!

Covering a Sliding Glass Door with the Averté Natural Fold
Aug 14th, 2014 by framecreations

Looking to cover a large sliding glass door or window? The Averté Natural Fold may be just what you are looking for! This product is a unique alternative to a vertical blind and is offered in a variety of different Natural Shade materials. The Averté Natural Fold operates with just a gentle push on the guide rail, allowing it to move and stack to either the right or left. This product is also offered with a wide variety of decorative knobs and poles for that added touch of elegance. The Averté Natural Fold pairs also nicely with any Natural Roman Shade, allowing for flow and coordination in any room! Ask us about the Averté Natural Fold today!

See the video link  to see how this product works, looks and feels!  Link: Averté Natural Fold

Averté Natural Fold

Averté Natural Fold

How to keep your window treatments looking clean and new!
Jul 17th, 2014 by framecreations

Ever wonder how to keep your window treatments clean and looking new? We have the perfect tips to help you out!

It doesn’t take much to keep up with your window treatments, in fact, to keep your window decor looking beautiful, it is as simple as periodically dusting with a feather duster or vacuuming them with an upholstery attachment. In the case of a small stain or spot, easily just wipe the window treatment clean with warm water and a mild dish soap. 

As there are many different types of window treatments available, each have their own tailored cleaning procedure for best results. According to one of our top leading brands Graber, the best instructions for each type of window treatment is as follows:

Clean WT

Vertical Blinds—Vinyl Louvers:

  • Vinyl louvers may be removed and immersed in water for cleaning.  To eliminate static electricity, coat the louvers with a thin layer of mild detergent.

Vertical Blinds—Fabric Louvers:

  • These should not be immersed in water or dry cleaned.

Vertical Blinds Sheer:

  • Sheer fabrics are steam pressed during the manufacturing process, but may need to be re-steamed at a low temperature before hanging.
  • Be careful not to iron out the permanent pleats. Also make sure to remove the fabric from the louvers before steaming.
  • Sheer fabrics are machine washable. Use the gentle cycle with warm water and a mild detergent. (For best results, avoid chlorine bleach.) Hang damp fabric on the louvers and re-shape them. To dry, keep the louvers in the open position.

Wood Blinds:

  • For blinds with painted and stained finishes, clean with spray polish and a soft cloth. For best results, do not use water on any wood products.

Cellular Shades:

  • Strong detergents or spot removers may harm your cellular shades. Dry cleaning is also not recommended.
  • When deep cleaning is desired, you may wish to enlist a professional cleaning service


  • For minor dirt and stains, clean with warm water on a damp cloth. Wipe dry.
  • If more thorough cleaning is necessary, use a mild detergent diluted in water to a 5% solution and apply with a cotton cloth. Rinse area with plain water to remove any detergent residue and dry with a cloth.


Let FRAME Creations know how we can help with any of your window treatment needs or cleaning questions today!


Natural Woven Shades
Jul 9th, 2014 by framecreations

Looking for something different than the average shade or drapery? Natural Woven Shades might be just what you are looking for! They provide a unique touch to any room through their natural and woven wood look. Unlike that of fabric, these shades are made through natural materials which can enable an area to be either darkened or lightened through the use of a variety of different textures. These textures range anywhere from natural wood to hemp or bamboo, and are available in a variety of different styles and colors. Natural Woven Shades are also unique in that they can be made to look like the drapery style of your choice and are available with a cordless or top-down-bottom-up option. Call FRAME Creations to set up your FREE in-home consultation and learn more about what Natural Woven Shades can do for your home!

Natural Woven Shades used in vacation home.

Natural Woven Shades used in vacation home.

Natural Woven Shades used in sun room.

Natural Woven Shades used in sun room.

A new spring look by FRAME Creations!
Apr 22nd, 2014 by framecreations

Out with the old and in with the new, time for spring cleaning! Let FRAME Creations help you update your home with a new, fresh look for a new season! As the flowers are starting to bloom, so are our new custom framing and window treatment designs! Call for your free in-home consultation today, check us out today at our Huntington, CT location or visit us on our website at for more detail.

FRAME Creations…we decorate windows and walls!
May 9th, 2012 by framecreations

We at FRAME Creations decorate windows and walls!  Why spend thousands of dollars on custom window treatments and then do nothing special with your artwork?  Call us today for a free in-home consultation on how to coordinate your artwork and you window treatments.  We have been in business over thirty years and will help you with any window covering need including draperies, blinds, shades, and shutters, as well as custom picture framing.

FRAME Creations offers free color consultation!
Mar 12th, 2012 by framecreations

FRAME Creations is proud to offer free color consultation on all Benjamin Moore paints.  In coordination with Huntington Paint and Wallpaper of Shelton, CT, we now offer free advice on paint colors when we visit you for a free in-home consulation on any of your window treatments needs.  Whether it be a drapery, blind, shade, or shutter, we are here to assist you find the perfect window treatment application for your redecorating project and will also help you pick the paint color for your walls!  Call us today.

Custom window treatments by FRAME Creations
Oct 10th, 2011 by framecreations

FRAME Creations of Shelton, CT and Trumbull, CT is in the business of making you happy and your home distinct.  Let us help you with your artwork, framing, and window treatment needs.  We install thousands of draperies, blinds, shades, and shutters every year.  If you are bored with your current draperies, try something new!  The picture below is of a goblet pleat.  This is something a little different from the traditional pinch pleat and offers a gorgeous, elegant look.

FRAME Creations offers Hunter Douglas Silhouettes
Jun 14th, 2011 by framecreations

Exciting Windows! of Shelton, Connecticut and Trumbull, CT now offers Hunter Douglas Silhouette window shadings in brand new colors! What makes Silhouette window shadings the most remarkable window fashion in the world?

Amazing Ambiance- The soft fabric vanes of Silhouette window shadings effortlessly transforms light to match your mood- just tilt the vanes to achieve the precise ambiance you desire.

Sensational Style- Silhouette shadings offers a unique and stunning style all its own. With no cords running through the product, the fabric vanes magically float between two layers of sheers. Simple. Elegant. Spectacular.   Call us today for a free in-home consultation.  Don’t forget, we have a price guarantee to bring you the best price in Fairfield County CT on all window treatments including draperies, blinds, shades, and shutters.

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